Our Mission Statement Here At Capitol Green Roofs

Our mission at Capitol Green Roofs is to continue to develop the market and to protect it. We do this by increasing the awareness of the benefits of green roofs, as well as spread the word about the social and economical benefits of green roofs. We spread the word via celebrations of excellence, professional development and more.

In order to continue developing the green roof market, we have to:

  • Research what benefits green roofs offer to both the private and public building sector, as well as what those benefits are to specific cities and climate zones across Canada and the United States.
  • Provide our membership base with value-added services and products.
  • Engage various stakeholders, as well as the general public on the many benefits of going green, in regards to infrastructure. We strive to make sure as many people as possible understand the benefits of green infrastructure.
  • Establish policies that are cost-effective and to reduce the upfront costs by implementation policies on a widespread basis.
  • Develop and offer high quality training courses to facilitate high quality green roof designs, maintenance and implementation.
  • Develop bast practices in regards to green roof installation, design, and maintenance.